“STUDIO ANIMAUX® was created for our own needs.”



For us, our pets are family and that is why we treat them as family. We believe that every animal deserves such a life and that is why STUDIO ANIMAUX® donates €1 per order to ACE|SHIN.

ACE|SHIN is a charity organization in Spain that is committed to the fight against abuse and killing of neglected and abused (stray) dogs and (stray) cats.

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euros donated

since August '22

Est. 2021


A few years ago we adopted two cats from the shelter. We were of course very excited and wanted to buy all kinds of fun toys and beautiful little beds for them to make them feel at home. That enthusiasm disappeared like snow in the sun when we couldn’t find any nice cat toys, beds or scratching posts.

Searching the internet for nice cat toys and a somewhat nice scratching post became rather a tedious task. Unfortunately this was not so easy, so we bought a nice cat bed and a blanket to store the cat toys after playing, to make sure it would be out of sight.

However, we kept wondering why it is so difficult to find a beautiful and stylish pet bed. But, at that moment we decided to let it go. But when we adopted two dogs from Bulgaria a few years later and started looking for a nice dog bed that would not detract from our interior, we couldn’t resist doing something about it . The STUDIO ANIMAUX® brand existed even before the dogs left Bulgaria for the Netherlands.


Core Values

Important core values of STUDIO ANIMAUX®

Hand made

all items are hand made or hand finished.

Natural materials

The products are made of natural materials, for example wood and marble

Shared success

By donating every month, we try to do good for the world