ACE|SHIN August donation update

In August we again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €892. All this thanks to our customers. 892 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. The August donation could be put to good use for the ACE|SHIN cat mountain. Keep on reading! 

August update (written by ACE|SHIN) 

“We received another nice donation from you on the bank of EUR 892 for August. This time we used the donation for our cat mountain. 

While the dogs in Spain are already having a hard time, the situation with the cats is at least as bad. Having a cat neutered or sterilized is rare in this part of Spain. The result is a huge surplus of nests that are massively dumped in the most appalling conditions and left to fend for themselves. 
And that is how our cat mountain was created, on the mountain where our shelter is housed. About 50 cats live on this mountain, which are usually feral, but do eat, drink and, if necessary, receive medical care every day. In addition, we try to neuter/sterilize and abort as many cat populations as possible. Many have a good life here. There are houses, scratching posts, food and fresh water, little beds and cozy corners everywhere where they can nestle. Summarized, they don´t have a bad life here. 

In addition to the feral cats, house cats are also thrown over the fence or delivered to us in a box. After an extensive screening for behavior and health, we try to find them a new home. 

On the special page “Cat mountain” you can find various current videos of the residents there: 

On behalf of our purring, little residents, thank you very much for your August contribution! Thanks to these types of donations we can continue our work. 🙏 ¨ 


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