ACE|SHIN December donation update

In December we once again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €620. All this thanks to our customers. 620 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. This time we look back not only on December but also to 2023: a year full of wonderful donations for the four-legged friends. 

December update and a recap of 2023 (written by ACE|SHIN)

¨Dear animal lovers, 

The December donation of EUR 620 was – like the November donation – spent on our major savings goal in honor of ACE|SHIN’s anniversary: an ultrasound machine for our clinic. On December 10, 2023, we celebrated the 24th anniversary of our rescue organization ACE|SHIN Charity. This day we reflected on 24 years of rescue, and the saving of more than 28,000 dogs and cats! The celebration also had a dark edge, because one of the founders and our treasurer Dirk passed away in April 2023, and was therefore not present for the first time. Together they built ACE|SHIN, turning what was previously a killing station into a place of rescue, recovery, and hope for many four-legged friends. 
Thanks to a large group of volunteers, sympathizers, and
our sponsors who are concerned about the fate of these animals, we can achieve what is difficult and try to save what we can, every day. 
We always reflect on how everything has changed. The world is different, the costs are much higher, and the mentality of the people is so different. Everything is different and we as a rescue must try to fight through this and persevere, no matter how difficult. 
That’s why we thank everyone who supports us in any way! Thanks to you, we are still here and will celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2024! You supported us in 2023 with no less than EUR 10,969.00 – you truly are a Diamond Sponsor for ACE|SHIN. 
Below is an overview of all monthly donations and spending goals: 

December ’23620Birthday fundraising – Ultrasound device 
November ’23594 Birthday fundraising – Ultrasound device 
October ’23680 Medical savings campaign dog Boreos 
September ’23743Savings campaign for the Parvo puppies 
August ’23892 Donation for our cat mountain 
July ’23848 Water campaign for the refugio 
June ’23952Parasites prevention 
May ’23€1.294 Ransom 30 dogs from the killing station 
April ’231.277General costs ACE – Savings campaign for Dirk Itterbeek (one of the founders)  
March ’23€1.194Water campaign for the Refugio 
February ’2386Purchase oxygen tank clinic 
January ’23841Medical savings campaign dog Feye 

Team ACE|SHIN Charity & four-legged friends¨ 

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