ACE|SHIN February donation update

In February we again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €610. All this thanks to our customers. 610 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. ACE|SHIN could really use our February donation for the purchase of cat food. Keep on reading!

February update (written by ACE|SHIN)

¨ACE|SHIN has been maintaining many cat colonies for years. We sterilize or neuter these kittens, test them and release them. We keep a close eye on the colonies so that they cannot reproduce, and we remove the sick kittens for care. Most of them are happy in their own way, but we try to take in and rehome the domestic cats. For many of our volunteers here, this work is a tough job that should not be missed a day, because they are hungry every day. It is all a lot of work and is done with love, but maintaining all this without any help from the government is not easy.

However, the situation has never been worse, it is worse than ever. Before Covid, everyone had their colonies well under control and the situation was clearly so much better. During Covid, the sterilization campaigns could not be continued for a long time, causing the situation to get out of hand again. Many domestic cats are also dumped in the colonies because the dumpers know that they will get food here.

However, food donations continue to decrease, so we used the February donation of EUR 610 to buy food for these defenseless kittens. They need it so much!

Thank you from them and the ACE|SHIN team!¨

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