ACE|SHIN update – March donation

In March we again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €1194. All this thanks to our customers. 1194 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. Thanks to the donation from March, Denali, Makalu, and Mitchie could be helped. Keep on reading!

March update (written by ACE|SHIN)
¨With your March donation we were able to help a few dogs again! First of all, we have further investigated the Podencos Denali & Makalu. They arrived in February with various medical ailments. Both were limping with a leg for which we have now been able to take x-rays to see if anything can be done about it. Unfortunately, both have old fractures that are difficult or impossible to repair. These podencos were neglected too much by their hunters. A problem that was not looked at now has irreparable consequences. At least we now know the cause of the limping, so we can help them further.

Mitchie (almost blind) was also examined and treated thanks to your donation. He was a little pile of misery noticed somewhere in the undergrowth. What emerged was a dirty dog of barely 2 kg, with badly inflamed eyes, a thin body, and an incredible fear. He is a Chihuahua mix, and is not young anymore, and his life has been hell. A look at him says more than enough, no further explanation is necessary. His eyes look terribly painful and his long fingernails tell us he hasn’t been walking for a long time. Mitchie is now in our clinic and has been treated for his eyes. The pus ran right out of this little man’s sad eyes. Thanks to his treatment, he is even starting to see again! Not perfect but he can see and eat! Our little boy!

On behalf of Denali, Makalu, and Mitchie, thank you for your support!¨

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