ACE|SHIN October donation update

In October we again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €680. All this thanks to our customers. 680 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. Thanks to our October donation, sick long-termer Boreos was able to undergo urgent surgery. Keep on reading!

October update (written by ACE|SHIN)

¨Long-serving Boreos had to undergo emergency surgery. After various examinations (X-ray, ultrasound and blood tests), it was determined that he has a severely enlarged spleen and several inflammations in his body. He couldn’t have surgery right away, but his spleen had to be removed and the operation was quite urgent. Due to the risk of thrombosis, he was not allowed to leave the clinic immediately and was admitted. The operation and clinic costs alone cost approximately EUR 1,500.00, plus aftercare. He is now lying in this clinic with us as his only hope, his eyes express his sadness and you really want to see him walk and cuddle again, but we must first ensure that this forgotten soul gets better again. 

For this, we set up a savings campaign that raised approximately EUR 1,000.00. Together with your October donation of EUR 680.00, we have already been able to cover the operation costs. On behalf of Boreos and our team, many thanks for this! 

Boreos is doing well in the meantime, and we now hope that he can come home somewhere. You can see Boreos here.¨

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