ACE|SHIN update – April donation

In April we again raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. €1277. All this thanks to our customers. 1277 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. Thanks to the April donation, many cats and dogs could be helped. Keep on reading!

April update (written by ACE|SHIN)

¨Every month we share how your donation helps our shelter in Spain. It makes a difference every time, and is also a support for our team in Spain who face the harsh reality of rescue on a daily basis. The April donation has again been used for many dogs and cats that need extra care. Just in the month that the co-founder and treasurer of ACE|SHIN passed away – and this caused a deep mourning – any amount that we receive is extra welcome. There will then be less “magic” to pay the bills.

Yet there is also a special story to share this month: how your dog bed made the difference for ACE Marcos, a Labrador cross who was allowed to pack his suitcase after 8 months in the shelter, to move to the Netherlands. ACE’s PR Coordinator fell in love with him during a visit to the shelter last year. It took several months for the home front to approve a 3rd dog, on the condition that the house would not be filled further and covered with dog sleeping areas. That was the intention…

Because Marcos was a few sizes bigger than his two ACE friends Mellow & Missy. Not only did his body not fit in the cozy baskets, the ladies had decided that Mr. should be so polite to not rest on their sleeping places. So Marcos slept obediently on the tile floor, with 4 dog spots unmanned so that the ladies could switch to their heart’s content. Well, we had to intervene. We found a spot where he could lie down and took measurements. We ordered the dog bed of STUDIO ANIMAUX. And although it was a huge package, it was assembled very quickly. He loved it from the first moment and finally found his peace. Missy dared to go outside and Mellow was taught that this was really Marcos’s bed. During the assembly of the bed, the pillow was placed in the hallway, and Marcos quickly settled there too. So we added a separate pillow and mister had two places to choose. Everyone is resting and happy 😊.

Marcos in the dog bed of STUDIO ANIMAUX

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