Happy first anniversary! STUDIO ANIMAUX exists one year

January 1, 2022 STUDIO ANIMAUX existed one year. This means we had a double celebration on the 1st of January. We look back with pride and gratitude on a successful first year. Hard work pays off! Curious about what happened during the first year of STUDIO ANIMAUX? Keep on reading.

A larger assortment & relocation
Where it started with our marble and terrazzo food and water bowls, we soon expanded the range with dog beds, cat houses and dog pillows. We at STUDIO ANIMAUX are constantly trying to improve our pet products and are therefore always looking for beautiful, new, high-quality product ideas. We are currently hard at work preparing a number of new items that will be available on the webshop this year. What these items are, of course, remains a surprise! A larger range also meant a larger warehouse. We moved to another, larger warehouse around the middle of 2022. Every day we personally prepare packages for our webshop users in this warehouse.

Brand new bilingual website
Not only the warehouse was taken care of, also the website. We have worked hard to build a beautiful, user-friendly website. This because we also receive a lot of demand from abroad for our products. The STUDIO ANIMAUX website is now also available in English. We love it!

International collaborations
In 2022 we also entered into various collaborations with (foreign) partners who were interested in the products of STUDIO ANIMAUX. We deliver our products in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Austria, America and Canada.

Supporting charity
STUDIO ANIMAUX was created out of love for animals. With STUDIO ANIMAUX we want to offer animals what they deserve: quality and comfort (and a touch of design). But this was still not enough for us. We therefore regularly thought/think about how we can contribute even more to the quality of life of (domestic) animals. We therefore decided to support a charity organisation from August 2022, namely ACE|SHIN. We donate €1 per order to this organization. In 2022 (August to December) we raised no less than €5.851 for ACE|SHIN, thanks to our webshop users! We are very proud and grateful for this. Would you like to read more about ACE|SHIN and our collaboration with this organization? Click here. Every month we post updates via blogs about the raised amounts and what the organization has achieved thanks to our donations.

We would like to thank all our webshop customers for their trust in us during the first year of STUDIO ANIMAUX. Without them we would not have achieved this. We hope to see you/welcome you back to our webshop soon!

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