Camping with your dog: the checklist

I go camping and I’m bringing… My dog! Nothing beats a fun camping trip with your four-legged friend. It not only ensures a stronger bond, but also gives that little bit extra to your camping experience. At a campsite they are often welcome guests 🐾 or enjoy the peace and space in nature, together with your dog. In the previous blog we told you everything about the preparations for camping with your dog. In this blog we will take a closer look at what you should take with you and what you should pay attention to while camping with your dog. Enjoy reading!

Checklist camping with your dog:

 Dog leash. Of course not to be missed on your camping trip. Take a nice walk with your dog in nature, for example. They love it!

 A long leash. At most campsites it is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash. You can buy long leashes so your dog can still freely walk around a bit.

 Tick remover/multitool for a thorn or spine. Especially in the summer in an area with a lot of vegetation, there are many ticks and other insects that like to settle in the warm, soft fur of your four-legged friend. And of course you want to be able to intervene immediately when your dog has a tick or thorn/spine in the skin.

 Drink and food bowl. Just like at home, your furry friend also needs a drink and food bowl while traveling. Did you know the marble and terrazzo food and water bowls from STUDIO ANIMAUX keep food and water cool for a long time on hot days and do not shift? Ideal! You can also bring a drinking bottle for dogs, so that your dog can easily drink while walking or during a day trip.

 Food and water. Of course, the dog food and water should not be missing when you go camping with your dog! You can (often) also get the water at the campsite and there is often a supermarket on the campsite. But perhaps your dog needs special food and then it is of course important to bring this with you.

 Toys. It may not be the first thing you think about when packing the bags to go camping with your dog. But toys are also very important to take with you for your four-legged friend. Although your dog of course has a lot to see and experience during a camping trip, it will be nice that he or she can play with its own toys. This also prevents your four-legged friend from getting bored and possibly barking. Have you already seen this cute, cotton dog bone from STUDIO ANIMAUX?

 Blanket and pillow. In the Netherlands, the weather is often unpredictable and it can be very cool on a rainy day in the summer. So always be well prepared for unexpected cold and bring a blanket for your dog. Also his or her bed or lovely, comfortable dog pillow should not be missing.

 Bench. This is of course optional. For example, do you have a puppy or a dog that gets restless when you go shopping? Then a bench can be very useful. It is also often experienced as a safe place by the dog where he or she can retreat for a while. After all, your dog is in a new environment.

 Contact details of the nearest vet. Of course we hope this will not be necessary, but: better safe than sorry. If something happens to your four-legged friend during the holiday, it is useful if you can quickly access the details of the nearest vet.

In addition to this checklist, we would like to give you a few tips:

* Are you traveling in summer? Then make sure your dog has a sheltered spot.

* In heat, it is of course also important not to leave your dog alone in a vehicle (not even with the window open).

* Let your four-legged friend sleep with you. This also prevents barking at night.

* Last but not least: plan lots of fun activities with your dog and take nice pictures together. This way you can enjoy the beautiful memories for a long time!

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