What is the best spot for a dog bed in the house? 5 tips

You finally have the perfect dog bed for your furry friend. But what is the best spot to place it in your home? The location of the dog bed has a big effect on the dog’s state of mind. Curious about what you need to keep in mind? We give you 5 tips in this blog. Keep on reading!

Keep an eye on where the dog likes to be

Dogs often have a favorite place in the house where they like to relax/sleep. If possible, you can therefore place the dog bed on/near that spot. When the dog walks restlessly through the house, looking for a different place to sleep, you know he or she doesn’t have the right spot.

Choose a place away from drafts and heating

Watch out for drafts and heat. It is obviously not pleasant for the dog to lie in an area where there is a draught. It is also not recommended to place the dog bed right in front of the heating.

Choose a corner

Place the dog bed in a corner, or at least against the wall. This gives a sense of security to the dog. It is not recommended to place the dog bed in the middle of a room.

A quiet area

The (night) rest of a dog is very important. Due to the fact that dogs often sleep during the day, it is important to see if you have a more quiet area in the house, where the dog will not be disturbed too much by the environment. Also remember to avoid places with loud noises, such as the room where the washing machine is located.

Not too far away

Most dogs like to stay close to their “pack”. In this case, they like to stay close to you and any other housemates. Although above tip recommends finding a quiet area for the dog, we also recommend making sure the dog is not too far away from the rest of the housemates.

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