The marble/terrazzo bowl: top 4 advantages

As a dog or cat owner, you want the best for your four-legged friend. You want your dog or cat to sleep comfortably and get enough exercise and love, but the food and water intake is of course also extremely important. Not only the type of food, but also the type of food bowl. Did you know the material of the bowl can make a huge difference? In this blog, we introduce you to the STUDIO ANIMAUX® marble food bowl, including the top 4 advantages!

#1 Stylish & unique bowl

A marble food bowl has a modern, stylish look thanks to the use of natural marble. In addition to the stylish appearance, the natural marble also ensures that each food bowl looks slightly different and is therefore unique.

When you have nicely decorated your home, of course you also want stylish accessories for your dog or cat that match the design in your home. Marble can be combined very well.

#2 Weight
A metal food bowl weighs on average 0.056 kg. With a weight of 2kg (small) and 3kg (large), we can conclude that the marble/terrazzo food bowl is quite heavy. Thanks to this relatively high weight, the bowl will not move around your house when your dog or cat enthusiastically eats his or her meal. This also prevents water splashing. In addition, the bottom of the bowl contains 4 anti-scratch pads.

#3 Temperature
Did you know food and drinks stay cold longer in a marble food bowl? It keeps the water up to 4 degrees cooler. Marble is a dense and hard type of stone, which means heat that comes into contact with the marble is dissipated. The heat conduction is therefore different from other materials. This way, your dog´s or cat’s water and food will be nice and fresh, even on a summer day.

#4 Depth
With a depth of 7.5 cm, the STUDIO ANIMAUX® marble food bowl belongs to the deep food bowls. This also makes it extremely suitable as a drinking bowl: again less water splashing.

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