How to make your home and garden pet proof

We’ve all been there. You or someone else is having a baby and their new home needs to be baby-proof. But you have certainly noticed that (new) pets are super curious by nature and therefore like to explore every corner of the house. It is therefore just as important to make your house and garden pet proof for the new furry roommate. But how? We give you a few tips. Keep on reading!

Hide cables and chargers
If possible, try to hide all cables and chargers. This means: making sure that the hanging cable of, for example, your TV or lamp is out of reach of your pet. Whether it’s a puppy, kitten or guinea pig, they may play with or nibble on the cord out of curiosity. This is of course extremely dangerous, as it could cause an electrical object to fall (when pulling the cord) or even cause an electric shock (when nibbling on the cord). Watch out!

Be careful with toxic substances
Here we are not just talking about the well-known toxic cleaning products. There are also poisonous plants and there are even certain foods that are poisonous to your pet, even though they are completely non-toxic to us as humans. Consider, for example, chocolate. Chocolate is of course delicious and we, therefore, understand that you may have it on your living room table next to a nice cup of coffee or tea. But don’t forget to put the chocolate away afterward when you leave the room. Poisonous plants are best placed on a high level, for example on a nice cabinet or shelf.

Cleaning products should be stored in a safe place. A place your curious sniffer cannot reach, because some pets are not only very curious but also very smart. There are pets that can open the kitchen cabinets without difficulty. It is therefore also good to put a child-safety latch on the low cabinets if you store food or cleaning products there. Safety first!

Cover garbage bags
This may sound familiar to you: a naughty kitten or puppy who spread the whole garbage in your kitchen because he or she went looking for food while you were gone. This may also happen at a later age. A Beagle, for example, also likes to look for food at a later age. To prevent this mess of garbage through your home and to protect your pet from eating unwanted products, it is recommended to properly cover garbage bags. This is possible with a lid that closes properly. If you have a low trash can with a lid that comes off easily, consider placing the trash can out of the pet’s reach when you leave the house.

Cover small spaces
This is to prevent your curious furry friend from getting stuck. Think of, for example, holes in a cupboard or small spaces behind the washing machine and/or dryer.

Toilet down!
A phenomenon that many women usually complain about: ¨my husband does not put the toilet seat down after using the toilet¨. Now you both have a reason to close the toilet completely after using it! It is possible that your pet will drink from this, with the result that he or she ingests harmful chemicals or bacteria.

Be careful with small and fragile objects
As a pet owner, you will have to be careful with that beautiful new glass vase that you recently ordered. Maybe your four-legged friend is a little clumsy or just very excited when he or she sees you again. Makes sense of course! Breakable objects can be knocked over.

You will also have to be careful with small toys. For example, when children have been playing in the house. Child toys (for older children) may contain small parts that your curious pet could choke on. Of course, you want to prevent this (and to be fair: we as humans do not want to step on a piece of Lego with our bare feet, ouch!).

Make your garden pet proof

Last but not least: don’t forget to make your garden and/or balcony pet proof (if you have one). As mentioned earlier, the advice is to place any poisonous plants out of reach here as well. Or, for example, a cactus.

It is also important to properly cover the fence or balcony railing. Check there are no holes or spaces for your pet to squeeze through. This way you can let your furry roommate play outside in the garden with peace of mind or let your pet stay with you when you drink that well-deserved drink on your balcony!

All these tips contribute to eliminating risks for the animal. After all, as a pet owner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the pet. Soon we will post a blog for you with tips on how to safely and comfortably celebrate the December holidays with your pet. Keep an eye on our blog page and social media!

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