€1253 was raised for ACE|SHIN in September

As we have mentioned in our previous blog, from August we started supporting a charity, named ACE|SHIN. ACE|SHIN is an organization that fights against abuse and killing of neglected and abused (stray) dogs and (stray) cats. We donate €1 to them per order. Thanks to our amazing customers, we raised €1,253 in September. Something we are very grateful for and proud of!

An update from ACE|SHIN

There are currently still many ‘boarders’ at ACE|SHIN who now need medical care due to abuse and neglect in the past. The organization also wants to start a winter project: the renovation of the clinic. After 20 years, the cages are in big need of replacement, to become even more comfortable for the recovering patients.

Late summer/autumn made its appearance and temperatures finally dropped in Spain (where ACE|SHIN is located). After an extremely hot summer, including forest fires close to the shelter, the organization is now preparing for winter. For Animal Day, a campaign was set up to achieve a target amount of €5000. More than 2/3 has already been collected thanks to a lot of support and donations, which was of course a great result, but not enough. But thanks to the donation of STUDIO ANIMAUX®, the target amount was finally reached! ACE|SHIN is very happy with this support. Now they can finally get to work.

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Of course, we will keep you informed of our raised amounts per month and the latest updates from ACE|SHIN through blogs.

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