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At STUDIO ANIMAUX® we find animal welfare very important. In addition to offering high-quality products for dogs and cats on our website, we would like to contribute to animal welfare in another way. We want to do this by supporting charity. The choice was quickly made and fell on ACE (Animal Care España), also known as SHIN (Spanish Dogs In Need) in Belgium.

What is ACE|SHIN and why are we supporting this charity?

A few years ago our family adopted three Spanish dogs in need through ACE|SHIN, named Amigo, Bambi and Coco. We soon discovered the pleasant working method of this organization: an extensive screening was carried out on quality requirements, to ensure that the animal ends up in a good place. This is done thanks to 100% volunteers with a big heart for animals.ACE|SHIN is a charity organization in Spain that is committed to the fight against abuse and killing of neglected and abused (stray) dogs and (stray) cats. The organization has two shelter locations in southern Spain and together they provide shelter and care for approximately 650 dogs and cats in need. They also buy dogs free from many ‘perreras’ (killing stations) in southern Spain.

The six main objectives of ACE|SHIN are:
* (continue to) draw attention to serious neglect and animal suffering in Spain
* fight for better laws and regulations against animal suffering
* restricting dog sales in malls, beaches and markets
* providing information about mandatory castration and sterilization programs
* improving nutrition, medical care and euthanasia policy of the killing stations
* setting up information campaigns in Spanish schools

Through their website you can adopt dogs and/or cats, register as a volunteer and/or sponsor and participate in all kinds of promotions, such as donations, social & online promotions and medical savings promotions.

How does STUDIO ANIMAUX® contribute?
From every order at STUDIO ANIMAUX®, €1 goes to ACE|SHIN. At the end of each month we transfer the collected amount to them for charity. We would like to emphasize that only volunteers work at ACE|SHIN, which means that all money goes to the animals in need.

Would you like to read more about this charity? Check out their website here.

Of course we will keep you informed of the results of these donations through blogs. Don’t miss it!

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