Dog pillow: 4 reasons why it is a musthave item

Dog pillows are a musthave item for your interior. Our furry friends also deserve a break. Whether this is during the day or at night. Not only toys and good food ensure a happy dog. A nice & cosy, comfortable sleeping and lounge area also play a major role in this. In the end, we all want the best for our four-legged friend. You can create this cosy, comfortable sleeping and lounge area by using a dog pillow. Why a dog pillow? In this blog you find out!

A dog pillow provides support and comfort

The first and most important reason for purchasing a good dog pillow is support and comfort. Did you know an adult dog sleeps an average of twelve to fourteen hours a day? That is (more than) half of the day. A comfortable place to sleep is therefore a must and contributes to a good mood and a better immune system. Just like with us, humans!

Safe space

By purchasing a dog pillow you create your own place for your dog, a kind of safe space. After that nice outdoor walk, challenging agility training or play session, your four-legged friend can use some rest. It is important that the dog feels safe. So try to create your own place for him or her to recover from all the stimuli.


Whether you’re going on a trip or want to give your dog a comfortable place during a car ride, a dog pillow is easy to take with you. This way you still take something from the familiar environment with you when you leave home.


A dog pillow gives a warm, cozy effect. As a result, your dog does not have to lie on the cold floor, which is certainly not pleasant during the autumn and winter months. Cotton pillow covers in particular offer warmth in winter (and coolness in summer). Your furry friend will dream away on a nice warm, soft pillow. Because that’s what they deserve!

Have you already seen the new, comfy, luxurious dog pillows from STUDIO ANIMAUX®? In addition to offering comfort and support for your dog, these pillows also look great in your interior! They are available in two different colors (mocha and vanilla) and three different sizes (S, M and L). Tip: when choosing a size, take into account the size of your dog and his or her favorite sleeping position. 

STUDIO ANIMAUX loves animals. We try to improve constantly with our pet products, think sustainably and bring awareness to animal rescue. That way we make our customers happier and the future a bit brighter.Did you know that you contribute to charity when you order from STUDIO ANIMAUX®? We donate €1 per order to ACE (Animal Care España), called SHIN (Spaanse Honden In Nood) in Belgium. ACE|SHIN is committed to the fight against abuse and killing of neglected and abused (stray) dogs and (stray) cats.

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