New Year’s Eve: with these 14 tips you can help your pet

Only a few more weeks before we close 2022, to start a fresh and new 2023. The holidays are often fun times, but New Year’s Eve in particular can be very stressful for your pet. Many animals suffer from fear and stress for a few hours, which can even be traumatizing. This fear cannot be completely prevented, but we have good news: you as a pet owner can help your beloved companion to make New Year’s Eve more bearable for him or her. Keep on reading!

Good preparation is half the battle

1 You can try to slowly get your pet used to loud noises. This can be done thanks to special sounds (audios) that are made for this purpose. However, it differs per animal how he or she reacts to this and gets used to it or not.
2 Close doors, windows and cat flaps and close the curtains on time.
3 You do not have a dog or cat, but another pet? Put his or her cage inside.
4 Let your dog out for a walk on time (and more often) in a quiet environment and make sure your dog gets tired.
5 Provide distraction with toys or little games that include food.
6 Stay calm. Your pet will sense when you have been feeling tense all day because you are worried about your pet.

During New Year’s Eve

1 Reward calm behavior. This is important. When insecure behavior is not ignored, the animal thinks that this will be a reward and that this behavior is good. You can support your pet, but don’t pet or reward fearful behavior. It is also important not to punish your pet.
2 Let your dog or cat choose where he or she feels safe. Animals often look for a hiding place during New Year’s Eve. Here they feel (more) safe.
3 Make sure your pet is not alone. If this is really impossible, at least provide sufficient distraction.
4 Close the curtains and turn up the TV volume.
5 Make sure your animal stays indoors. Do not force your dog to go outside.
6 If your dog has to/wants to go outside, go to a quiet area where there are no loud noises. When you notice your dog is very anxious and stressed while walking, go home.
7 If necessary, place an extra litter box, especially if your cat normally uses the toilet outside.
8 You can put a blanket over the dog or cat bed. This has a sound-absorbing and darkening effect. Choose a place in the house far away from the window (less noise).

These tips are general tips for pets. We recommend that you check what applies to your pet and also keep an eye on how your pet reacts to the stimuli and methods. Offer support and attention, but also give the animal space to withdraw.

We wish you and your beloved pet happy holidays!

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