€965 was raised for ACE|SHIN in December

In December we raised a nice amount for ACE|SHIN. No less than €965! All this thanks to our customers. 965 orders went out to provide our customers with beautiful, high-quality products. We receive monthly updates from ACE|SHIN. Thanks to the December donation, ACE|SHIN was able to reach the savings target. Curious for more information? Read it in this blog!

December update (written by ACE|SHIN)

“Dear animal lovers of STUDIO ANIMAUX, December was all about the celebration of the 23rd anniversary. Something to be proud of on the one hand, but at the same time it also makes it sad, because the need for rescue is unprecedentedly high. 

In an ideal situation we would no longer be needed after all these years. We still see here in Spain that people (including veterinarians) are very opposed to sterilization and castration. As a result, masses of puppies are born, which later, when they are no longer so cute, end up in the killing stations. We do what we can, but with about 500-700 four-legged friends, our shelter is overflowing with animals that can, nevertheless,  be perfect family dogs and cats.

In addition to this, we are also experiencing the ‘post-corona effect’ here. There are fewer adoptions, and dogs are being dumped or “returned” en masse. Sometimes due to changed home and work situations or overload, but sometimes also due to financial reasons. And even though we can’t deliver “perfect” dogs and cats, we try to give them all the care they need!

That’s why our clinic is so important. And all the treatments that we can do in our own clinic save costs and stress for our four-legged friends. That is why, for our 23rd anniversary, we have started a fundraiser for the purchase of a dental system, with which we can do the difficult (dental) cases ourselves. More than EUR 4,000.00 was donated! Thanks to the donation of EUR 965.00 from you, we were able to fill our barometer sufficiently again, so that our savings target of EUR 5,200.00 can be achieved.

The device can now almost be purchased and many dogs and cats will benefit from this. As soon as the device arrives, we will send photos again. Huge thanks again!

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