What is the best spot for my cat’s food and water bowl? 3 tips

Cats are real luxury animals. They are quite picky. When purchasing a nice food and water
bowl, you should think about where to place it. We are actually used to place the food
bowl as close to the wall as possible. But does King Cat like this? We have sorted it out for

First things first

Nicky Trevorrow, a real cat expert from America, tells some facts about the location of the
bowl(s) for the fluffy four-legged friend. First of all, according to Nicky, it is important that
you do not place the food and water bowl next to each other. Why not? Cats prefer to have
food and water as far apart as possible. By placing the two bowls next to each other, the cat
may drink less.

As for water bowls, it is advisable to place several drink bowls in different places in the
house. Cats are not drinkers by nature, so offering multiple options is a perfect choice.

The ideal spot for the food and water bowl

So, what is the perfect spot? It is important to look at three factors, which are:

  • provide a clear location. Okay, many food and water bowls are often placed against the
    wall. Understandable, you also want to prevent someone from tripping over it or the bowl
    starting to slide. However, this is not very loved by your four-legged friend. He or she likes to
    have an overview of the entire space. Therefore, place the bowl at least 30 centimeters
    from the wall, so the cat can also choose to sit against the wall while he or she has an
    overview. Did you know the marble and terrazzo food and drink bowls from STUDIO
    are relatively heavy, so they will not slide?
  • a quiet place. Cats are real princes/princesses. They prefer to have their food bowl in a
    quiet place. Choose a room in the house that is easily accessible, but where you do not have
    to walk next to it every time. For example, don’t place it next to the couch, where you are
    chatting with your family or friends.
  • a place with a fresh smell. Just like most people, cats also like a fresh smell while dining.
    Never place the food bowl next to the litter box. This can cause a lot of appetite to be lost.

With these handy tips you can let your cat(s) enjoy their well-deserved meal and fresh
drinking water. Because let’s face it, these sweethearts deserve only the very best, don’t

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