Where do you place the food and water bowl for your dog? 6 tips

You have finally found the ideal food and water bowl for your dog. But where is the best place to
place it? Did you know that the location of the food and water bowl can affect digestion and even the quality of sleep of your four-legged friend? It is therefore important to pay attention to the following things:

  • The place is easily accessible
    This certainly applies to drink bowls. Your dog should always have the opportunity to drink his or her
    fresh water.
  • Always pick the same spot
    When the food and water bowl(s) has/have a permanent place in the house, you prevent your four-legged friend from having to look for his or her food/drink.
  • Choose a quiet place
    Always make sure that your dog can eat in peace. When dogs experience restlessness while eating,
    the risk of gobbling food is greater. This in turn has a negative effect on the dog’s digestion. Try to
    place the food and water bowl outside of a high-traffic area of the house and not near a door. A dog
    can be frightened, because they are very alert to sounds and movements.
    Furthermore, it is smart not to place the food bowl too close to the dog’s sleeping place. Your sweet
    four-legged friend can be quite distracted because the focus is on the food. This causes him or her to
    miss out on essential sleep time.
  • Look at the amount of space
    Do you have a large Labrador, or do you have a mini-Chihuahua? A large dog obviously needs more
    space to eat than a smaller dog. A small space may be fine for small dogs, but too tiny and
    uncomfortable for large dogs.
  • Floors
    Yes, you can even take the floor into account when choosing the perfect location for your fourlegged friend’s food and water bowl. Standing for long periods of time on a very hard surface can be
    uncomfortable for the dog, while a carpet traps food particles, leading to bacterial growth.
  • Away from any litter box(es)
    Do you have a cat at home? Please make sure that you do not place your cat’s litter box too close to
    the dog’s food bowl. It may happen that the dog does not want to eat because of the smell. And we
    all want a fresh place to eat, right?

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