15 must-have pet items: the checklist

Adopting or buying a dog or cat is of course incredibly fun and exciting. It all starts with good preparation. We previously wrote a blog about making the house and garden ‘pet proof’. We mainly gave you tips about safety. This blog focuses on the purchase of pet items when you get a new, happy four-legged friend at home. What items should you purchase? Keep on reading!

High-quality dog or cat food
Nutrition plays a major role in the health, fitness and quality of your four-legged friend’s coat. It is important to ensure that your beloved pet is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Food and drink bowl
Not only does quality play a major role in the food, but also in the food and water bowl. A good, high-quality bowl provides sufficient cooling, comfort and does not shift through the kitchen. For example, consider a marble or terrazzo food/drink bowl.

Dog and cat bed
Dogs and cats sleep an average of 12 to 16 hours a day. That’s more than half the day. It is therefore important to provide a comfortable sleeping and lounge area for your four-legged friend. Also pay attention to the location. More information about this can be found here. Definitely a must-have on the pet items checklist!

Crate bench
When you adopt / buy a puppy or kitten, a crate can be very useful in the beginning, when the animal is not yet trained. 

Quality time outside is of course also very important (and necessary for the dog’s movement and needs). Of course you can also buy a leash for your cat!

Whether these are for rewarding or simply to treat your pet, treats are a must in a dog or cat household. Your dog or cat will thank you!

Tick remover
When we think of pet items we might not immediately think about this one. Ticks can be very dangerous and like to nestle warm in the fur of dogs / cats. All the more reason to have a tick remover at home, so that you are prepared and can remove the tick as quickly as possible. It is recommended to regularly check your pet for ticks.

Play time! Educational and fun toys should of course not be missed. Does your dog or cat like to chew on toys or does he/she like to move a lot? There are many pet toys on the market. Have you already checked out this nice, cotton bone?

Coat products
Just as we humans like to use quality shampoos, it is also important for animals to use quality shampoo or other coat care products that are suitable for the dog or cat. Shine bright like a diamond!

Training products
Think for example of educational and fun agility products. Educational, sporty and offers entertainment. But did you know there are also training products for cats on the market? Important pet items!

Safety blinker
A safety blinker ensures safety while walking your pet. You can compare it to a reflective vest. Safety first!

Address collar 
Not necessary, but certainly useful: a collar with your address or contact details on it. Of course we hope this will not be necessary, but if your dog or cat ever goes missing and someone finds him or her, your four-legged friend can be brought home safely.

Scratching post
Cats like to scratch things. Of course you don’t want them to scratch your beautiful home interior, so it is advisable to purchase a scratching post.

Cat flap
Thanks to a cat flap, your cat can go outside at the desired time, without needing your help.

Litter box
A cat toilet at home is of course a must when you take a cat into your home.

The above pet items are definitely recommended when you have a dog or cat. It is however important to look at the personal needs of your pet as well, to make sure he or she has everything he/she needs. Because they deserve it!

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